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Excess Flow Valves


The U.S. Department of Transportation (“DOT”) has passed a new rule (49 CFR 192.381) which requires notice to new customers that an EFV meeting minimum U.S. DOT performance standards is available for installation on the gas service line at your residence, if: 1) the service line operates continuously each year at a pressure of not less than 10 psig, and 2) yours is the only meter supplied by the service line. In addition, notice is required to existing customers when the service line must be replaced.

An Excess Flow Valve (“EFV”) is designed to automatically shut-off the flow of gas if the service line breaks. The EFV will be installed in your service line near the point it connects to the gas main.

If you wish to have UniGas install an EFV on the service line at your residence, then the DOT regulation requires that the person paying the monthly gas bills is responsible for all costs associated with the installation. The total cost to excavate your service line, shut-off service, install the EFV, test for proper operation, backfill the access hole, and restore service to your house is $300.00 under dry surface conditions. Under muddy or wet conditions, the cost could be substantially greater.

You are not required to purchase this device.

In addition, the new regulation mandates that all costs of maintaining and replacing the EFV would be your responsibility. It is not known how often an EFV will require maintenance or replacement, but it is believed that the devices will last at least five years without requiring service. Maintenance of the EFV would be subject to UniGas’s current hourly service charges as set forth in its Schedule of Miscellaneous Service Charges, plus parts.

If you would like to have an EFV installed at your home, or if you would like to have additional information regarding these devices, please contact UniGas at (281) 252-6700.