NOTICE: In case of an Emergency, call:  911 or 800-925-0705. 

Please contact us by email, , if you have any questions. Thank you!

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AND THEN CALL 911 AND 1.800.925.0705

Because your safety comes first

What are your hours?

  • 8:30am – 4:30 pm Monday through Friday (except national holidays).

Where are your offices located?

  • Every task can be completed online, but if you need to see us in person, our address is 9750 FM 1488. If coming from the east, we are 3 miles west of the intersection of FM 2978 and FM 1488. If coming from the west, we are 4 miles east of the intersection of FM 149 Spur and FM 1488. 


What company services my area?

  • To see which company services your area, go to the setup service tab and type in your address. You will be directed to the correct utility servicing your area. Have questions? Please call us at 281.252.6700

How often is my meter read?

  • We read meters once each month, generally between the 26th day of the current month and the 5th day of the following month. Occasionally, a meter reading may be estimated.

Where can I pay my gas bill?

  • The best place to pay your bill is online through our website. You can also pay your bill via mail or by dropping it off at our offices at 9750 FM 1488, Magnolia, TX 77354. Please include a bill stub and address payment (check or money order only) to your utility provider and not Texas Gas. 

I received a gas shut off or termination notice?

  • Gas Shut Off notices are automatically generated by the billing system. If you receive such a notice, it means that we do not have a record of your payment.

    Please call our offices at 281.252.6700 immediately to avoid termination of your service.

Are your rates regulated?

  • Yes. The Railroad Commission of Texas regulates rates and Quality of Service Rules for all gas utilities in the State of Texas. The Commission audits for safety and tariff/financial compliance each year.

Can I get a copy of your tariffs?

  • Tariffs are on the Railroad Commision of Texas website. 

    You may call our offices at 281.252.6700 during regular office hours to request a copy.

How do I complain to the Railroad Commission?

  • There are multiple ways to have your complaint heard. 
    1. Visit the Railroad Commissions website to file a complaint,
    2. Call the Railroad Commission Complaint Line at 1-877-228-5740 or 512-463-7164
    3. Email Gas Complaints to

    All complaints will be handled in a timely and courteous manner.

What is the "Mtr Factor" shown on my gas bill?

  • The “Mtr Factor” is an abbreviation for Meter Factor. Your gas meter will accurately record the amount of gas used if the pressure is 4.4 ounces and at a temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit. These parameters would result in a Meter Factor of 1.00. When the Meter Factor is 1.00, it is omitted from the bill.

    If the meter must be operated at a higher pressure to accommodate the customer’s requirements, then a Meter Factor will be used to produce an accurate meter reading. In addition, if temperatures are substantially below 60 degrees, then additional compensation will be added to the meter factor. The meter factor is derived from industry research and calculations.

    The Meter Factor allows the utility to bill the customer for the actual volume of gas used each month.

What are some of the recent regulatory filings submitted to the Railroad Commission of Texas?